License it Quickly

License It Quickly is designed for Windows developers who want to distribute applications to paying customers without worrying about the application being freely distributed around the Internet. It handles the licensing for you. Four key principles guided the development of License It Quickly:

  1. Generate and authenticate licenses easily
  2. Don’t punish honest users
  3. Make licenses impossibly hard to crack
  4. Require zero maintenance

There are two components to the License It package. The management application generates RSA keys and licenses and the runtime DLL validates the license. The DLL is accessible from any language that can load DLLs and we provide code samples, headers, and import libs for both C++ and Delphi. Use it to prevent unauthorized execution or enable try before you buy scenarios.

As part of the zero maintenance principle, there is no online component to this package, which means that you do not have to maintain a server to validate licenses or worry about customers with no internet connection. Licenses include your customers’ name in plain text, further guarding against illicit distribution. But you can go further. You can match the licensee name against anything you wish. One of our partners validates the name in the license against the name in the client’s accounting package, making it impossible to use a rogue license without changing the name of their business! You can validate it against a MAC address if you like; anything is possible.

License It Quickly supports 512, 1024, and 2048 bit RSA encryption to create digital signatures, the same encryption that is used to sign the SSL certificates that secures the Internet.

License it Quickly


You use the License It Quickly management application to generate private and public encryption keys. You can have one set of keys for everything your write or one set per application. Your private key will remain private and on your development machine. The public code need not be secret so you encode it into your app. For C++ and Delphi we provide the code for this; it shouldn’t be hard in any language.

At runtime, your application will import the license in any way you like and call the ValidateLicense API with the public key. This will check if it is a valid, unexpired license and optionally validate the company name and product name. Only you (with the private key) can generate licenses that the public key can validate.

If you like, you can go one step further and validate the customer details in the license, such as validating the version or number of licensed users.


The License It Quickly management application can be run from the command line so you can easily automate the process below and provide licenses to your customers instantaneously. The following describes the steps when using the GUI.

  1. In the License It management application, enter your customer’s name, license expiration date, program version, and number of licensed users.
  2. Generate a license with the above information and sign it with your private key (one button click).
  3. Send the license to your customer (or include it in the downloadable package with your application if you like.

Examples of command line usage are included in the download package below.


Calling the validation API is simple, just pass the license and the public key to the ValidateLicense API. Included in the download you’ll find sample code for Delphi and C++ (other languages should be similar).

The management application even provides you with the Delphi and C++ code to initialize the key. Just copy and paste into your project.


License It Quickly, both the management application and runtime, require Windows XP or later, or Windows Server 2003 or later.


License It Quickly costs $20 USD. This grants you (as an individual or a company) unlimited usage to license as many programs for as many customers as you’d like. The license you get is encoded with your name (or your company’s name) and is non-transferable. If you require a license with a new name (if, say, you own a second company), you must purchase a new license.

By clicking “Buy Now” you agree to our Software License Agreement.

What we need from you is the name to be included in your license and the email address we’ll use to send your license. We will not grant licenses with names for major companies (like “Microsoft” or “Apple”) or names that appear obviously fraudulent. Please use a legitimate name.

Value$20.00 USD
Your Company Name


By downloading our software you agree to our Software License Agreement. Note that this software uses encryption to create and validate digital signatures and contains an API that enables you to do the same. By downloading this software, you agree that neither you nor Spherical Horizon, LLC or any of its constituents are violating any policies, including export policies. For example, you are not permitted to download this if you reside in an embargoed country.

Download the DLL and management application here. This includes 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the DLL, plus C++ and Delphi sample source code.

You will need to purchase a license in order to run License It Quickly. See the Pricing section above.