Compass 3D Max is our first product available for iOS. It’s a compass based on the accelerometer and magnetometer that can be found in the iPhone 3GS and all iPad models.

The compass always points north, no matter what orientation your device is in. You can use it to find your way when lost in the woods, to find where up is when stuck under snow, or to simply have fun.

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Map your entire life with this unique travel app. Create a map of everywhere you’ve ever been. Add new points, organize your travels, and share with friends!

Life Map uses OpenGL to render at lightning fast speeds. You can choose from four visualizations including satellite and street map. Share a single list of all your adventures across all your iPhones and iPads - modify one and they update instantly.

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Take a look at the night sky and see planets, stars and constellations with Night View. Simply point your iPhone or iPad at the sky. Explore, learn, and have fun!

You can look at the stars above your head, or choose any location and time. You can easily see what the sky looks like half way around the world or a century ago. Night View’s spherical projection gives you a wide field of view to see all the stars in your sky.

Night View also shows you a close up view of the planets in our solar system with useful information.

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In partnership with DMCL, we bring you Sell It Anywhere, a sales tool for creating orders on the go. Orders are entered into your business’ accounting package in real time!

Sell to new or existing customers, search through tens of thousands of products instantaneously, print invoices, collect signatures, use customer specific and value pricing, and satisfy your customers with our fast and fluid interface.

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License It Quickly is a plugin and management tool for easily adding licensing to your Windows applications. Protect your hard work with industry tested RSA encrypted licenses.

Generate licenses for all your Windows applications with one simple interface. Limit licenses to a specific person, a specific version, a limited amount of time, or a limited number of users. It’s up to you. Validation is easy with a single API call through our supplied DLL.

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